06 April 2012

Dim Dam Dom

NEWS FLASH: I love all things ‘60s. NEWS FLASH: I also love France and French-related products, people, fashion and culture. NEWS FLASH: I found a TV show that incorporates ALL of these things plus MORE. Ok I’m going to stop doing that now. NEWS FLASH: I lied!

‘Dim Dam Dom’ was a French pop music show that ran in the golden era from 1965 – 70 and starred people like, oh, I don’t know, Jimi Hendrix, Jane Birkin and Anais Freakin Nin. NBD.

Everything about it: the ‘experimental’ camera work, the retro intro (with vocals from yé-yé popstar France Gall), the art direction and style… it’s a GOLDMINE of AWESOME. You’re welcome.

File this one under: further reasons to love the internets. Thanks internets!
Also file under: things to buy me for my birthday.

More info here at French Wiki
DVDs of the series available at Mod Cinema

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