24 April 2012

Travelling Light

Summer - Autumn - Summer - Spring - Summer

Uncomplicated moving parts. Simple and clean and light. It’s been two years since I’ve experienced a winter now – it will be three until I find myself in one again. Life becomes a marvelous conspiracy of sunlight at 10:30pm, unknown time zones and careful neglect, and through it all a light suitcase half-full with clothes the colour of glossy magazines faded by long exposure in the sun.

Karla Spetic aw12 lookbook
Sleeveless shirt, nail polish in Bees Knees, heart trousers, all Topshop
Chloe edp
Bralette, 3.1 Phillip Lim lingerie @ shopbop
Retrosuperfuture Lucia sunnies that I have wanted forever. They will be mine. Oh yes.
b & w, canvas by Cassidy Rae Limbach
Diana F+ and flash in neptune green, from Lomography
Mint green blouse + skirt combo, and bunting pastel bracelet, ASOS
Cover, Vogue Nippon
Mauve jeans, Arnsdorf
Commes des Garcons polka dot leather purse, Net-a-Porter
Moschino Cheap and Chic fall 2012 rtw, Style.com
Givenchy Spring 2012, Style.com

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