25 February 2012

Rest here.

Being a gypsy for the last 10 or so months has meant that, for the first time in a long while, I've had no space to call "my own". While it has been revelatory to realise how very little "stuff" actually defines who I am as a person, and how liberating it is to live out of a small suitcase of essentials, I have found myself increasingly drawn to creating a little space all of my own where I can rest - and allow myself to stay put (for a little while anyway).

Architecture, interior design, and interior decoration seem to me like three of the highest, most practical arts. I'm all for considered, daring acts of creativity and invention when it comes to the buildings and homes we find ourselves in - it has a very real, very visceral effect on who we are and how we feel.

You only have to visit Paris, with its lack of any "new" architecture or buildings above three-stories - or the Pantheon, which staggers the imagination - or The Temple in central London and its hushed stone walls - or Oxford with its surreal old world atmosphere - to realise how much of an effect.

Long story short, I've been inspired by interiors lately, and am collecting some thoughts/ ideas/ plans for when I get that a little pit stop of my own to deck out. Here's a bit of an interior "get the look" which translates the mood.

As a side note, I recently read somewhere that "taste" reflects a lack - so whatever it is that we're attracted to in terms of aesthetic can be analysed to reveal something we lack/ thus need to create in our own lives. Not sure if I totally agree 100% of the time, with light, minimal femininity, simplicity, exoticism and organic elements being a consistent theme in my interior inspiration... which are all pretty rampant in my own life as far as I can tell. What do you guys think about this theory?

1. Studio lamp, Ikea
2. Vases, from Brook Farm General Store
3. Gardenia candle, Diptyque
4. Retro flip clock, I love Uma
5. Round cushion, Tasstico
6. Bed linen, West Elm
7. Moleskine cahier, Sam Haskins 'Fashion Etcetera', F Scott Fitzgerald 'The Great Gatsby'.
8. Hand-painted glass lantern, Etsy
9. Wooden stool, Anthropologie

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  1. Have you checked out www.houzz.com ? My favourite timesink..