05 January 2012

J'alouse: the video

I came across this video by French magazine J'alouse last night thanks to the always ahead-of-the-game Susie Bubble (who tweeted about it before J'alouse even did).

J'alouse, for those who don't know, is a fave fashion magazine over here at FA towers: despite my serious lack of French, the styling is always very much my cup of tea: effortless and girlie (in short, super French).

Now, I'm not a fan of fashion films in general: very few labels or designers do it right, and are seemingly unwilling to engage with the elements of the filmic medium that make it truly resonate with an audience. Narrative and emotional engagement are often put aside for a superficial and ultimately bland results...guys, it's only because I love film so much, and see so much potential, that it's so disappointing. Sadface.

This short by Matthew Frost flips the whole thing on its head by getting all meta on us - explicitly referencing the considerations that go into self-consciously "viral" branded video.

With narrative lines like "It's very '60s, very Godard.. you know they love that shit" and babes frolicking around Paris bookshops... I've got to say I had moments of collar-pulling recognition: yeah they sure got my number, eh?

So... self-consciously "ironic" failure or an exercise in calling out the blandness? J'alouse or j'alosers? (see what I did there?) You decide guys.

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  1. lol the commentary is hilarious! Love the last frock she was in- the printed floral one. Thanks for sharing hun