24 December 2011


That very special time of year is here which means only one thing: the traditional watching of the best Xmas movie of all time: DIE HARD.

HELLS YEAH! We have so much to learn from John McClane. When making your NY resolutions this year - actually no screw that, when making ANY decision in life, ask yourself: what would Bruce Willis in Die Hard do? The answers will lead you to mystical levels of life perfection and good hearted bad-assery.

The re-watching of Die Hard made me more inspired than ever to host my long-cherished idea of a DH Xmas party. We came up with a few more ideas to get this going as we watched:

1. Dress as a character (obvs). Gents, this means you can either opt for bloodstained tank/ no shoes/ cigarette ala McClane, or suave German with a Saville Row suit in the style of Rickman. Girls, same. Hipsters may wish to pay special attention to this guy:

With his head to toe, slim-fit track suit, geek glasses and chunky digital watch, he's very American Apparel model, no?

2. When anyone arrives, quote this:

3. When encouraging the rapid ingestion of booze, shout "SHOOT THE GLASS!"

4. Put some vintage Run DMC on and you're good to go.

This stuff practically invents itself!

I've been heart-warmed to hear of other Die Hard xmas viewings/ parties all over the shop. My kind are out there. Watching Willis. Which is what the xmas spirit is all about, right?

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