04 August 2010

Style Icons: The Like

It's pretty fair to say I have a style crush on sixties-influenced popettes The Like.  The four LA lovelies combine their powers of style to produce one superpower made up mostly of eyeliner, huge hair and sweet vintage outfits. They also make you want to dance like an idiot. If you're so inclined.

1. American Apparel Floppy Hat
2. Animal Kitten Chelseas from Topshop
3. 60s shift dress from Topshop
4. Burberry Peacoat from Net-a-Porter
5. Heart opaques from Topshop
6. Vintage case from Modcloth
7. Kurt Geiger Winslow Boot

Pics from Refinery29 and The Like MySpace


  1. A couple of weeks back, I was having dinner at Yulli's (a vegetarian restaurant in Sydney), and The Like came in along with Nic & Susien from Lover - sat down at the table next to mine.

    The Like were wearing matching Lover dresses and epic false eyelashes. It was hard to concentrate on my dinner, let me tell you!

  2. Lover *AND* The Like?! Dear lord. I would've been swooning with the collective awesomeness!