28 July 2010

Gainsbourg (Vie Héroïque)

What kind of Francophile would I be if didn't mention the new Serge Gainsbourg biopic? Answer: a really crappy one. Adored, creepy, outrageous, talented, drunken: Gainsbourg was all kinds of Byronic awesome, and has pretty much reached legend/ hero/ mythological status in France. Yeah, we all love a rebel artist.

At the risk of being blacklisted by Frenchies, I confess I'm not a huuuge fan of his music; but it's certain that as well as his disturbingly prodigious output as a muso/ actor, he embodies the anti-establishment, purposefully provocative mood of France in the '60s. He was up in people's face and they loved it. For all of his trysts (I've been waiting for a chance to use the word "tryst"), including an infamous ooh-la-la with sex kitten du jour Brigitte Bardot, it's his marriage to British nymph (and style icon of choice over here at FA towers) Jane Birkin for which he is most remembered. And who can blame us? Huh? In case you need convincing, witness below a selection of Gainsbourgs at their peak.

It's rumoured that director Joann Sfar was peachy to have Serge and Jane's daughter Charlotte (who is the radness) play her mother in the film, can you imagine it? Mind blown. If you like reading stuff, here's a BBC article on the making of the movie that's pretty sweet.

Apparently there's also some kind of alter ego Serge puppet involved in the movie, let's hope that's not as creepy as it sounds.

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  1. I heard that the filmmakers were actually keen to get Charlotte to play her father which would have been very trippy indeed. I think I'll have to see the film at some point.