17 August 2010

Blog crush: Louise Ebel

Ah, blog crushes. They're the best. I've been a major secret admirer of French blogger/ Sorbonne art student/ general style kitten Louise Ebel AKA Miss Pandora for some time (that hair! I mean, seriously!), so you can imagine the excited, squealy free-for-all when I recently interviewed her for my day job. Perks aplenty over here! And wouldn't you know, she's actually a sweetheart. It wasn't all warm & fuzzies though: Louise did dispel a few romantic ideas (Amelie, I'm looking at you) about Parisian perfection, example:

Q: "If Paris were a song what would it be?"

A: "I don't have a song in mind, but it would be a song about an amazingly beautiful girl, which has an awful personality and is very bitchy."

Read the published interview over here

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