06 January 2010

Ich Liebe Liebemarlene

Did I ever tell you how much I love that my job involves checking out street fashion sites on a daily basis? No? Well then, I freaking love it. Like 10. In my recent trips around the sartorial www playground (btw sartorialist isnt even a word, Scott. it's not even. a. word.) I've discovered a new girl crush: street fashion/ blogger/ vintage sweetheart Liebemarlene.

Liebemarlene sends the blog love out from Georgia, and her photos evoke the faded grandeur of low-lit golden mansions and overgrown gardens and are the perfect setting for her old-school outfit combos. It's all knee highs and Picnic at Hanging Rock boater hats, fifties skirts and thrifted satchels: school girl antebellum country geek. That's totally a style now. Everyone's gonna wanna be SGACG in 2010. Bam! Fashion prediction.


Also, in case these pics don't convince you of Liebemarlene's general awesomeness, they named a dress after her on the delightful modcloth. Exclamation point. Also, that's her on the cover of a past issue of Peppermint, to which I sometimes contribute (inserting as many references to Bill Murray as I can) and I swear I didn't even know it! Touché Pepps, for knowing what I'll like even before I do.

In scary news for my bank balance, Liebes also has a eBay store. A vintage dress straight from the Georgian thrift shops? Ummmm yes please!

Anyway, this girl practially is the internet she has so many sites. So, yes, you know how to click that little mouse right?


In other news, not at all directed to certain loved ones or family members who are wondering what to get me for post xmas presents, this dress from Opening Ceremony is dreamy.

This should be a picture of Alexa Chung. Looking perfect as usual. Annoying.


  1. I really love her blog and oh, that dress is stunning!

  2. What fabulous pictures!!

    I'm a new follower to your site, and I just love it! You've got such a great eye for beauty!! :)

  3. Thanks sweets, your blog had me swoony with all its gorgeous goodies too! x