11 December 2009

Garance Doré, I want your life

I'm not doing much to prove the theory that I can love things that aren't French here, but Garance Doré is one of my all-time favourite blogs, for these (and other) reasons:

1. She's hilarious. I actually laugh out loud (if only there were some abbreviation for that, I spent way to long typing just then) at her asterisks and anecdotes

2. Her illustrations are amaaaazing. I stand by those three "a"s. Exhibit A:

3. The people she photographs are always so chic, so understated, so quirky, so pretty. It's all low key elegance and enviable bed hair

4. She includes videos like this one, behind the scenes at the shoot for the upcoming issue of Jalouse, which are pretty much the embodiment of my dream life. Except there'd be more cupcakes.



  1. hello, i like you blog, have a good weekend! :)

  2. i like you blog too!! grammar nazi: you spelt too with one o. sucked in sucker. Sins. hehe. lovelove that gorgeous drawing, you have such great taste xxx

  3. haha thanks lovelies!

    laura i checked your blog out too - it's gorge! will def add to bookmarks!! :)

    and grammar nazi, thanks for the hot tip! maybe i can employ you as my blog editor...? payment in cupcakes.

    frig xx

  4. Completely spot on, Garance is lovely and seriously unpretentious, unlike a lot of other street style photographers. xx