21 January 2010

Lilac is awesome. Or, how I learned to stop worrying and love my inner girlie girl

This one goes out to all the girlie girls who used to think they were ohso hardcore. Confession: there was a time, not so long ago, when I: 1. Always wore black 2. If something was in any way pop I wanted to kill it with fire 3. Bows? sparkles? they could just fuck right off. Oh, but how times have changed! Exhibit A: this blog. Maybe I'm mellowing but all of a sudden I love bows. Can't get enough. And cupcakes! I BAKE them. And girlie French things make me squeal. I squeal now. And I'd totally hang a picture of a unicorn on my wall. I blame Lula. And the cherry blossom girl. And possibly a broader more accepting philosophy on life.

In any case I've been wondering: am I too girlie? Have I lost my edge? Is there a way for my inner Marla Singer and my inner Amelie to co-exist? I think yes. If you'd like to cast your eye over the exhibit table your honour:

a) Alexa Chung
b) Miss Pandora
c) Everything by lover

To prove it I've taken the colour lilac as inspiration (yep you've seen it on the runway this season, and even on Chloe Sevigny's lips which I'm sorry is just wrongtown*) and the proposition that it is the girliest colour on earth (some would argue pastel pink is the forerunner but lilac gets my vote: it's named after a flower, it's soft, pretty, powdery, and your nanna totally has lilac drawer liners), and mixed it up so it isn't revoltingly twee. Weapon of choice: fashion collage.

It's like the black and white cookie, you know, a sign for peace and love and coexistence and harmony. We should totally make this the Australian flag. Screw that: WORLD flag.

* I said this about clogs too but they're growing on me. so this can't be taken as gospel.

Linkies: Kinda L-R-ish
ACNE Atomica Booties. The best things since Marla Singer.
Topshop Boutique Sweater Dress
Ruby Boutique Dove Coat, kinda capey, 100% awesome!
Topshop Leather Jacket
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Lilac and leather: from Lookbook.nu
Topshop Bodycon dress


  1. Love the lilac hue. I bought a mohair floppy beanie in a light lilac colour from a vintage market a few weekends ago. I can't WAIT for winter to come so I can rock out in it. ♥

  2. Welcome to the girly side! Cupcakes and bows and stuff are the best, you don't know what you've been missing out on!

    Nice blog :)

  3. I'm way late to this, but I love this article :) I wrote something very similar to this recently, as I've gone back and forth between tough and girly looks myself. These past few months I've been all black and edgy, but now I want to get back to adding girly touches to my looks (and sometimes I just want to go all out).