11 October 2009

This Week's Sweetheart 

Continuing my love of all things French and 60s, and thanks in part to a DJ who *could* possibly be Bob Fossil who inspires my Tuesday nights, my iTunes is currently being filled with all kinds of lovely treats featuring the following adjectives: psychedelic, french, fuzz, girlie, sweet, pop. Which are let's face it some of the best adjectives available. I wanted to share a few of my faves with you, so give 'em a listen, winged eyeliner is mandatory before doing so:

Yé-yé girls are taking over my playlists in the nicest possible way, and totally inspiring me to wear eyeliner, I-don't-care hair, a long fringe and lots of stripes, puffy skirts and bows. Aw. Something about the 60s French vibe seems perfect for spring - sunlit warm streets, petals snowing... it all just makes me want to channel Anna Karina in a Godard film and whip out some hot d-floor moves with two of my raddest friends at any possible opportunity:

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