22 October 2009

Photo love-in
click for large view

I have three things to tell you about being a writer: 1) it's pretty fun, 2) two beers max and 2) the freebies are nice and 3) it effects your numeracy. The other third thing is that it's a pretty solitary gig. No, those aren't tears in my eyes. But it can be nice to get a little bit of collab action happening, and that's just what happened to bring you the gorgeousness that is the above photo.

After buying my first digital SLR last year, I was peachy to get into the whole point and shoot caper, so got together with bestie and fashion designer Shakira of label Ishtar & Shakira to get it happening. Yeah, I was fairly inept, but together with a little creative collective we ended up having a heap of fun (like regular fun, only better) and making some pretties. My sister Mel pulled out the model moves, Shakira supplied the purty ruffles and the freakishly talented M Seth Jones got his little hands on this photo and did his re-touch magic. Awww. Love ins.

Here's the click click bit:
Clothes: Ishtar & Shakira
Re-touching: M Seth Jones - check out his series of photos showing how he got to the end result, it's a magical mystery tour of awesomeness.


  1. She looks like the kind of thing you would dream about

  2. I love the effect of the photo...it's gorgeous. x