26 May 2009

Blog Love

Dear bloggers,

It doesn’t matter how long ago you last posted. There are no rules. It doesn't matter if you post every six minutes, or twice a year. It doesn’t matter if you write from the heart, and it doesn’t matter if you forget the rules of grammar. It doesn’t matter if there are no words at all. Do it when you’re inspired – post about what makes you giddy, excited, delighted, talkative – blog about what pisses you off, or what gives you geeky kicks. Get your creativity on. DIY. Be unique. Fuck everyone else. This is your space to be awesome.

Thank you to Cassie from moonface for inspiring me to share the blog love around by giving me a super lovely blog award, which I must pass on to fifteen of my fave blogs. So, I baked a love cake– yeah, it’s a metaphorical cake. Which is the second best kind. And I’ve got a big slice for fifteen of my latest blog crushes.

the unicorn diaries
the cherry blossom girl
windy days
the design files
garance dore
face hunter
city of reubens
indie art & design
the jacky winter group
le love
the sartorialist
the selby
sugar pop tarts

Lots of love, Friggen Awesome

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