22 April 2009

Keep calm and have a cupcake

The details of my recent obsession with cupcakes hardly need to be blogged, I mean, they're CUPCAKES, enough said. However, I found this super adorable poster that is just so perfectly pink and cute and british and cupcakey (that's totally a word) that I just neeeeeded to show you all.

So we're all pretty familiar with the old "Keep Calm and Carry On" wartime poster, aren't we? The quintessential old school English stiff upper lip attitude in a five word poster format, old chap. It's rad. Well, some lovely little creatives over at etsy have added the one thing that could possible make that concept any radder. A cupcake to the first person who guesses that it's a cupcake!

I am currently on a sugar high. From, uh, something healthy, yes, that I ate earlier. Can you tell?

The original. Courtesy of the BBC, who else?

Cupcakes, from jennysbakeshop over at etsy.


  1. I need the cupcake poster for my office :) Thanks for the link!