22 April 2013

Winter white

London is just emerging from a protracted and bitterly cold winter. While the branches are naked, there are hopeful burst of colour here and there in its always inviting and immense parks: lawns of yellow daffodils, bunches of white blossoms. Something about its austerity, episodically interrupted by a bloom or an hour of heroic sunshine, makes me feel like dressing simply and warmly in all white. The English high street boats plenty of Scandinavian simplicity (and who does it better than the Scandis?): Monki, Cos, and welcome newcomer & Other Stories. None of them are available in Australia, so I stocked up on a few choice samples while in town. A soft raw leather vest, a white t-shirt maxi, and a truly excellent transparent gradient tote bag. All winter white, with a single burst of optimistic colour.

Leather singlet, dress: Monki

Jumper: Acne

Senso boots, tee and leather backpack: all ASOS

Neoprene pyramid stud ipad cover: Typo

Sunnies: the legendary Super Lucia in crystal

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