01 July 2012

Hello from Sydney Airport

I’m sitting in Sydney Airport International Terminal right now with five hours to wait for my flight to London – hey at least there’s free wifi – with the growing buzz of crowds, the smell of franchise coffee and waft of transient conversation around me. A girl just passed me with an “I Heart Australia” tote bag.

I have no desire to SHOP DUTY FREE FAMOUS BRANDS though that orange sign is rather insistent, and I’ve spouted too much crap already on my Twitter feed, so thought I’d drop on by and check out the tumbleweeds on Friggen Awesome and share a bit of the old watercooler.

Gossip, you say? Yeah you may’ve heard already but LANSY GOT A REAL JOB. Yes. My days as a free-range freelancer at large, undeniably fun as they’ve been, are coming to a close. This trip, which I’m about to take, officially kicks off my new role as Editor for ASOS Australia.

The universe has its ways and means, and it’s been an interesting path to get where I am right now – well, not literally. It was a fairly prosaic flight from Adelaide – and I’d love to tell you about it sometime. Preferably over coffee. For now, it’s enough to say that I’ve learnt a ridic amount over the last year – and in it all, certain values have become important to me: balance, boldness, adventure, optimism, connection, creativity, independence, vision, genuineness, enthusiasm. So I couldn’t be happier to give up the freelance life and “settle down” for a while with a company that embodies all of these things and more.

So Sydney: hello. I’m Friggen Awesome. Nice to meet you.


  1. Gosh damn, Lana. So excited for you. And for me! Because I get to have you in Sydney, where I will steal you for copious amounts of coffee dates.

  2. Mega awesome congrats & such!!!

  3. Just came across your blog and I really love it! That sounds like an amazing job so congratulations :) Have a safe trip x Sushi

  4. So excited for you too. Have fun!