25 January 2012

Society6 Goodness!

Oooh. I discovered a rad thing last night! I spent about 7 hours looking at it! It's called Society6, and I have no idea how I hadn't heard of it before, because I am obviously and manifestly: a) Obsessed with my iPhone b) Online a whole bunch, and c) Into designy arty type things.

Anyway, the idea is this: any artist can submit their designs. Any person can say "oh eff yes, I'm having that". Then the good fellows and ladies at Society6 print up the artwork onto the medium of choice (art prints, stretched canvas, iPhone case, MacBook skin etc). EVERYBODY WINS.

While I'm not the ruler of your life or anything, I STRONGLY SUGGEST you get yourself over to the site if you like puppies, art, Ron Swanson or iPhones. In the meantime here the spoils of my mini quest through the pages of Society6 (I finally decided on the second design for my iPhone case... I think.)

From L-R 1. Arnsdorf SS11 Crystal Pattern 2. Scales 3. Untitled Abstract 4. Corteo 5. West Coast State of Mind 6. DG Aztec No. 1 7. Camille 8. Cosmos 9. Shapes 003 10. Isometric Harlequin

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