22 July 2011

Fashion videos that are actually *gasp* good!

Street Style NYC #2 for SPORTSGIRL from TrendLand on Vimeo.

I admit it: I don't think the recent love-in for creating fashion videos for every label and their loldog is something to write home about. I love fashion, and I love film, and yet... the results of combining two awesome things are generally more superficial/ stilted/ just plain awkward than their union suggests - adding little if anything to the designs themselves, even in terms of atmosphere. And street style videos are usually the worst culprits. In an industry known for still-image editorial, the transition to moving image has seldom been a successful one.

And yet, and yet.. there's hope! Pet peeves and whatnots aside, back in the day *wavy flashback lines appear over the screen* as part of my role with Sportsgirl, I came across some actual amazing fashion videos that I felt, anyway, were a success. Trendland whipped up 'Take a Walk' videos, shooting snippets of the amazing fashion on the streets of stupidly stylish NYC. It not only succeeded in making me want to visit NYC (and I have never before felt the inclination (yes I know, I'd make a terrible hipster)), it actually effectively combined the moving image with music and fashion for a synthesis that made aesthetic sense.

Of course I wanted to get all over it, so we teamed up and produced a series of three films for Sportsgirl along the same lines. Alas, the end result didn't pop up on SGTV 'til I had skipped across the seas, but the second vid has just appeared online and I thought hey! Why not share it with youse guys*. So here it is, 100 points to anyone who can identify each and every style icon who makes an appearance. Toodle pip!**

*That's an Aussie reference
**That's an English reference. See how multicultural I am now.
*** PS I just had my first piece published in Five Thousand. Of course it is about yum cha.

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