18 September 2010

Jalouse ♥ Barbara Palvin

No, I can't read French mag Jalouse - but it doesn't stop me loving editorials like this one, "Best Of", starring the seriously gorgeous Barbara Palvin, styled by Jennifer Eymere.


  1. This editorial is so understated yet entertaining! Great pick; beautiful model and stunning clothes to boot.

  2. Not only is your blog "friggen awesome", but it's friggen awesome. I bet you haven't heard that one before.

    So glad I stumbled upon you, though I have obviously stumbled upon your work many times before, just not realising who was behind the.. pen?


  3. @Twin Cat... strangely, I never get tired of hearing that ;) Thank you - and yes I even whip out the old school pen every now and then! You know I'm serious when it gets down to biros... xo