08 September 2010

Alexa x Madewell

Yes, it’s Alexa! Yes, it involves velvet and peterpan collars! The Alexa Chung for Madewell collection has landed online at long last, complete with golden woodland-frolicking video featuring Chung lying around looking like a minx. And while I plead with everybody on earth to stop doing fashion shoots with golden-lit hazy summery girlie fields, I readily confess I like the cut of Alexa Chung for Madewell’s jib. I don’t even know what a jib is, I got it from the Simpsons. Actually let’s Google it right now. Ohhhh, okay. That makes a lot more sense.

Current wishlist:

  1. Tennessee velvet dress
  2. Harriet pintuck dress
  3. Hello bat tee
  4. Swoony skirt
  5. Velvet shorts
  6. Annie blouse
  7. 1 pair Alexa-length legs

    Head on over to http://www.madewell.com/ to shop the whole collection before it sells out: or, if you're in Oz, just look at it and cry softly. If words like "Brit Style Icon" offend, turn off the read-y eyes and just bask. Bask in the reasonably-priced clothing glory my friends.


    1. i love Alexa! shes awesome :)



    2. Hard not to love her... so unpretentiously amazing! *sigh* x