06 March 2015

The Case for Flares

Don't you hate your shoes? And tight gripping shit on your ankles? And clean hems? If you answered yes to any of these things, have I got some information for you. FASHION INFORMATION. They're called flares and your mum and dad probably wore them, and if you were a teenager in the 90s you probably did too. Erase those memories. (Unless your dad was George Harrison). And replace with these newer, better flared pant times to come.

Oracle foxiness.

All Emmanuelle, all the time

Refer to the above caption. I SAID ALL THE TIME

Shoe hatred: the solution.

...unless you kinda like your shoes, then pull this manoeuvre. CASUAL.

These aren't so much flares as wide leg pants but who are you, fashion Stalin? Cool off.

I said COOL OFF.

Colour is a thing they make clothes in now, apparently.

Is this your dad? Or mum? You get a free pass. Good day sir.

(Side note: street style poses are incredibly boring, oui? Phone clutched to face, striding off somewhere important. Tres puke. But let's think of the greater good and try to ignore said posery.)

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