23 December 2014

Movie Style: The Witches of Eastwick (1987)

Turns out I hadn't read every single last one of the Penguin Classics from the much-mined bookstore at Sydney airport. The Witches of Eastwick had somehow been missed - no idea why. Feminist, magical, and with the kind of prose that reminds you why you love writing, Updike totally killed it with this one, and I loved every second. So, naturally, the movie. It was very unlike the book, and sort of crap, but can we just take a moment to reflect up the excellence of the circa '87 fashions? Yes? Yes. Very well then:

Excellent font. Also foliage. #fontandfoliage

Exhibit A: cross-back blue and white stripe midi skirt pinafore. Genius.

Seersucker, pastels and clear '80s geek glasses? Pfieffer you pferfect specimen.

Uptight, pre-demon Sarandon looks pretty god damn excellent. Those school-unfiform greys and crisp white layers could be very Lover-esque inspo, no?

Tied crop eighties excellence, with navy midi-culottes, kick-ass bike and gypsy jewels? Add Cher's general charisma and you've got a pretty covetable combo.

That lightly-striped summer dress! (It has a button-through back just FYI). That tres-Birkin basket weave bag. That jawbone!

Ok so post-demon, let-loose Sarandon kicks major ass too. I tip my hat to that hair, and those mirror shades, lady.

Got game.

Butterfly clips on a grown woman. Cher only situation.

Overalls because all the YES

Does Sarandon's outfit deserve a third screen cap? You bet your sage smudge stick she does.

Speaking of her outfits all get pretty excellent from here on in....

Though the less said about this the better.


From here on in it suddenly gets really puffy for some reason. I respect that this is 1987 after all. Those oversize pearls though.

I love every single thing about Pfieffer's print co-ord with potpie hat look here. Ideal.

Sarandon goes gym witch/ Cher does high waist pants/ Pfieffer dressed as Jerry Seinfeld.

Silky robes and sorcery!

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