30 March 2014

Céline and Julie Go Boating

Céline et Julie vont en bateau (1974). Not sure how I missed this one for so long - French New Wave, tarot, magic, Montmartre; it's a surreal female buddy film (which let's face it is the best kind). With a running time of over three hours, you might want to settle in with some popcorn and comfy cushions. But once you do, get ready for a psychedelic adventure and musing on friendship, story-telling, film-watching, imagination and not to mention the quite excellent fashions. Here's a preview.

With her red curls, brown dress, clogs & retro clear frames, Julie has maximum American Apparel meets Dewey Decimal vibes.

THAT MICK JAGGER DO. Céline with her feathers, scarves and 70s hair, has a more dated but sincerely excellent skinny-Groupie mega steez.

Sick overalls, Céline

Dewey decimals yo

Pineapples? YES

Note to self: COSMIC TWILIGHT PIMPS is an excellent band name

Sick dragon eye rings ladies

Not enough denim

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