16 August 2011

Yes, I lug all this (and more) around with me

Lately I have been foregoing the usual bag in favour of my oversized V&A tote, a £10 delight I picked up when my satchel broke just before Wireless festival. On any given day you’ll find the following in there, plus the two London summer staples: umbrella and jacket. So go on, take a sneaky peek.

1. Squirrel journal (what else?), gift from Pedestrian Tv dudes
2. iPhone cover, morething
3. Catch-22, Oxfam
4. Is it coral? Is it red? Is it soft? No it’s a fence. I don’t know what I’m talking about here but this makes my nails look purty. Rimmel polish in coral romance
5. Mac lipstick in crème d’nude
6. Chloe, signature scent baby!
7. Stila convertible colour in petunia. Candy pink and has a mirror so you can check yourself out.
8. Touché elcat by YSL: under-eye magic for the workaholics among us. And or party goers if that’s your thing
9. L pendant necklace, gift from sis from Pallas jewellery
10. As if I go anywhere without the iPhone, you fool.
11. Every Aussie girls’ secret weapon: Lucas Pawpaw
12. Every Londoner’s not-so-secret weapon, the tube map


  1. Definitely agree with 11 haha
    I love looking at "whats in my bag" posts, to think that you nonchalantly toss all these beautiful things into your bag! In comparison to the empty gum wrappers and broken pens dredged up at the bottom of my bag...

    love your blog btw!
    annie | WEMAKEPLANS

  2. I love these posts! Your bag contents are so neat and colour coordinated, love it!