20 March 2011

Pretty Minimalist

How useful are labels? Is it important to be able to define, to sum up, your own style in a few words? By “style” I’m not just referring to fashion - though that’s definitely a part of what I mean – I’m talking about an overall aesthetic that we strongly identify with, and use to explain who we are.

In my own personal experience, starting Friggen Awesome, and squirrelling away inspiring discoveries from www travels in folders on my mac, has been an insight into my own sense of style – from the clothes I wear, to art, design, interiors. All viewed at once, they reveal a common thread and have given me a sense of cohesive awareness (and record) of my own aesthetic.

There’s something seductive in that feeling – it’s almost like applying an editorial eye to yourself, knowing instantly if something “works” with your aesthetic. And, of course, it's amazing to find other people who dig what you dig and respond to what you put out there.

But it leaves me wondering – how natural is it to always be consistent? Do we lock ourselves in to something stifling when we remain true to one “vision” and ignore all else? I think anything that helps us understand who we are right now is important, as long as we remain open to change; to that vision growing or even doing a complete turnaround, contradicting what we were before.

The most beautiful things and people are those who are open to change. Who always come from a natural place, who are unafraid of what that means. I’ve always liked the way good old Whitman summed it up:

Do I contradict myself? Very well, then I contradict myself, I am large, I contain multitudes.

Confetti System

Ink Calendar by Oscar Diaz

Stockholm Street Style


Julie Verhoeven

Acne Pistol Short Boot

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