25 February 2011

Miss Dior Cherie, starring Natalie P

Could this *be* any Frencher? The much-anticipated Sofia Coppola-directed vid for fragrance Miss Dior Cherie has been leaked (oh, internets, I can't stay mad at you!) - and to no one's surprise it's basically a competition to see how many French girliness one can cram into 31 seconds. If anyone is ready for this challenge it's Coppola, whose films are as slight and delicate as a Ladurée macaron. I've just seen it for the first time and I can't quite decide if pretty, yet unadventurous, is quite enough to hold my interest. What do you think? Portman sure does rock the cat-eye thing though.

The offish Dior Cherie site is quite well done if you're so inclined to visit.

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