29 January 2011

Hello, Goodbye

I always had a bit of a soft spot for Lyell and its ladylike, Wes Anderson-y, cosy, Dewey-Decimal take on fashion. While the Australian designer behind the label, Emma Fletcher, announced Lyell was "taking a break" as of last year, I just came across these lookbook pics stashed in the hidden depths of my inspiration files and wanted to share. What at first glance looks like peeling wallpaper is actually a delicate artwork, with illustrative and watercolour-like flourishes. I'm not quite sure if the design is actually painted on the walls or if it was done in post-production (I'm leaning towards post)*, but all I know is that it gives that perfect, slightly-dilapidated yet decorative touch to the space, and I'm totes stealing the idea when I get a wall of my very own to paint.

All images from www.lyellnyc.com. Photography by Tamara Schlesinger.

*Update: mystery solved thanks to my retouching BF - it's 100% def post-production. He's like retouch Sherlock Holmes. Guess that makes me Friggen Watson.


  1. These photos are so doll like. Stunning.

  2. Too lovely Ms Watson, those photos are absolutely gorgeous. xx