02 December 2010

Alexa "This is a good bench" Chung

Style icon, blah blah, yeah we know. All this Alexa stalking was in aid of her new TV show where she takes you vintage shopping. I just like her seemingly unpretentious attitude to everything. And appreciation of benches. I don't trust anyone who doesn't like a good session of sitting around, people watching.


  1. I find it really interesting the way she talks about dressing 'like a tomboy' or 'boyish' or 'like a little girl', while expressing that she feels uncomfortable dressing sexy/glamorous. But that is because I have been obsessively reading and cataloguing Threadbared and Good Morning Midnight and fashion/gender issues are totally eating my brain... sorry.

    Aside from that, she seems quite down to earth and has a sense of humour & intelligence, and seems like somebody I'd like to know... and I never feel that way about celebrities or 'style icons', so that's a nice change!

  2. Don't be sorry lovely - it's always a good thing to think beyond the surface! Interesting point, & you're right, she's consistently very dismissive of the sexy/ glam gender role and goes out of her way to be presented as boyish/ young girlish...

    I can only speculate what it would be like being a young, gorgeous woman in the mass media to Alexa's extent, and in that sense, it could be understood as a reluctance to be represented like so many other young, gorgeous, over-sexualised women and an attempt to take the "sexy" card off the table?

    Gees I just wrote too much, thanks for making me think! And yep, I could totes picture hangs with Alexa, which I NEVER feel about other style icons. Except maybe Jane Birkin ;)