05 June 2008

Roman Holiday (or, what Audrey taught us about white shirts)

Without so much as a costume change, Audrey Hepburn goes from escapee princess, to waif passed out on in the street, to day-trip tourist, to dance hall ingĂ©nue, all with a some expert tucking and cheap accessories. No, black magic isn’t involved. But a white shirt is. And costume designer Edith Head. Since the above describes pretty much a standard day for most of us, the basic white shirt should be a wardrobe staple for slumming princesses and the rest of us plebs alike. File under “what every girl should have in her wardrobe” and “things we can learn from Audrey Hepburn”.

Look 1: Screw you guys. Add: gloves, sensible pumps.

Look 2: Stoned on a park bench. Add: Gregory Peck, drugs.

Look 3: Incognito tourist. Add: dirt cheap ankle-tie sandals. Subtract: gloves. Unbutton sleeves.

Look 4: As above, but with more gelati. Add: ice cream. Subtract: several inches of hair. Roll up sleeves.

Look 5: As above, but jauntier. Add: striped neck scarf.

Look 6: D-floor punch-ups. Tie scarf over shirt collar.

Look 7: Reality is a jerk. Subtract: scarf, shoes, gloves, your only hope of ever being happy.

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  1. That is so funny! and true! it's funny and true! love your work xxxx